What to do with Fresh Peaches

Peach season is here in the northeast! Amanda and I went peach picking at Wilkins Fruit and Fir farm in Yorktown Heights last weekend, just as some of the trees were ripening. They should be in full-swing now. 🍑

If you went peach picking over Labor Day weekend, have plans to go this week, or just have a bunch of peaches from the store to use, here is what we did with them:

1. Peach hand pies

We used this recipe from Serious Eats as the base and subbed in peaches for the nectarines.

2. Peach Bourbon

When I was in Charleston a few weeks ago, I drank some peach bourbon in an Old Fashioned. It held up well, so I thought it would be fun to make some at home.

I know from experience that infusing liquor with dried fruit is better than fresh fruit, which gives off liquid and dilutes the final product. I diced up two peaches, put them on the dehydrator overnight, and then tossed the dried pieces in a mason jar with around 800ml of Old Grand-Dad Bonded for a week.

BONUS: Cook the bourbony peach pieces down into a syrup with some sugar and water for a wonderful ice cream topping or the sugar component in your Peach Old Fashioned. 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water, and the boozy dried peaches. Bring to a simmer and stir for 3 minutes, then strain.

3. Peach, Burrata, Basil, and Balsamic salad

I was mindlessly surfing Instagram Stories one morning last week and came across a great idea from Black Sparrow Press: Peach, burrata, basil, and balsamic. We love burrata and had basil on-hand, so I caramelized some peaches in cast-iron and put together a salad. It was so good we made it a second time this weekend for breakfast. The second iteration had fresh mint and honey on it, too.

What I’m Doing With My CSA Shares: Week 2

Here’s what we received this week:

  • Kale
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Mint
  • Spinach
  • Scallions

This afternoon we took the two lettuces and the scallions, chopped them up, and combined them with other veggies to make a bunch of salads for lunch. We had enough for at least three days worth of salad lunches for each of us this week. Amanda will add chicken salad or tuna salad at work and I have some chicken to put in mine. 

I’ll use the kale and spinach in side dishes for dinner this week. I’ll probably sauté the kale with garlic, olive oil, onions, and hot pepper flakes. That will be a good side dish for some bratwurst we picked up today. I’ll make creamed spinach with the bag of leafy greens as a side for either pork tenderloin or some strip steak if it is on sale at Stew Leonard’s this week.

We’ll probably make a nice batch of mojitos or mint juleps with the fresh mint. Or toss a bit of it with some fresh watermelon.

Have a great week!

Tipple Tuesday: Watermelon Refresher

Keeping with last week’s theme of local in-season ingredients, this week’s tipple was inspired by the beautiful watermelons available at last week’s farmers’ market.


  • Be sure to wait until the watermelon is ripe and flavorful before you use it for this cocktail, otherwise you won’t taste it.
  • I used IKEA’s elderflower syrup. You could use 2:1 simple syrup instead, but the elderflower gives it a wonderful flavor.
  • The fresh mint is a must, but you could substitute lemon juice for the lime juice depending on your preference.
  • A floral gin is nice with this, but a dry one works, too. Use what you have.
  • You could muddle and mix this in another glass and strain the fruit and seeds out, but I think there is something to be said for the simplicity of muddling in the same glass you from which you consume the drink and straining the fresh fruit through your teeth. You get to experience the ingredients rather than just taste them.
  • If you have ice molds, freeze some chunks of watermelon in with the water.
  • This is meant to be sipped outside in the sun.
Watermelon chunks in a rocks glassfresh mintmuddling

Save this recipe card image to your iPhone and import it into the free Highball app.

Watermelon Refresher recipe Highball card

Tipple Tuesday: Blackberries Three Ways

I like strong warming drinks in the winter, but when the heat rolls in I prefer light refreshing drinks made with in-season ingredients. Blackberry season is in full swing right now, so here are three refreshing drinks made with fresh blackberries. All three have different liquors and flavors, but each is refreshing in its own way with a wonderful blackberry base.

One is made with gin, one with rye whiskey, and one with vodka and St-Germain. Each of these drinks contains simple syrup. If you need a refresher on how to make it, I’ve got you covered.

Save these recipe card images to your iPhone and import them into the free Highball app.

Blackberry Gin & Tonic:

Blackberry G&T


Rye Whiskey Blackberry Smash:

Rye Blackberry Smash


St-Germain and Vodka Blackberry Smash:

St-Germain Blackberry Smash

 St-Germain Blackberry Smash