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Assorted Links, 16Aug2021

Making a non-alcoholic margarita using earl grey tea. I’m always on the hunt for good mocktails. Nicole Rufus at The Kitchn says the cauliflower gnocchi at Trader Joe’s is pretty good. I got some of it and the kale gnocchi today to try. We have plenty of sage in the garden, so the brown butter…

Wineberry Flaugnarde

Wineberries are ripe here in the Hudson Valley this week, so I picked about two cups of them and Amanda baked them into a flaugnarde. This might become a yearly tradition. Wineberries are an invasive cousin to raspberries, brought to the US from Japan and other parts of Asia to cross-breed with the local raspberry…

Pandemic Update #2

Well, it is still going on. Here’s how our cooking has changed during the pandemic. I haven’t really felt like blogging about food, instead blogging about woodworking over at my main blog. I apologize if you’ve missed it, but I don’t expect anyone has. In the beginning of the pandemic, March to early May, we…

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