Assorted Links, 16Aug2021

  1. Making a non-alcoholic margarita using earl grey tea. I’m always on the hunt for good mocktails.
  2. Nicole Rufus at The Kitchn says the cauliflower gnocchi at Trader Joe’s is pretty good. I got some of it and the kale gnocchi today to try. We have plenty of sage in the garden, so the brown butter sage gnocchi will be a quick dinner this week.
  3. We have lots of eggplant. I made eggplant parm last week, this week I’m making sabich bowls.
  4. Our tomatoes are ripe! We chose to freeze them this year instead of canning them like in previous years. More on freezing vs canning. We froze 8lbs so far after eating a lot of caprese and giving a bunch to the neighbors.
  5. Our dill was ready to pick, so we made dill pickle chips and then dehydrated the rest of the leaves.
  6. Amanda and I had a baby two weeks ago, so we’ve been doing a lot of meal prep.
    1. Our tomatillos are ripe, so I used a bunch of them to pre-bag and freeze ingredients for pork chile verde. We also made tomatillo hot sauce to eat with our eggs and on tacos.
    2. We had a bunch of unused vegetables in the fridge from the farm share while we were at the hospital, so I washed, cut, and bagged them into sheet pan meals like chicken, beans, and cherry tomatoes that we just need to thaw, bake, and eat over rice or quinoa.
    3. Sausage, egg, kale, and Swiss cheese breakfast sandwiches on English muffins, frozen in foil so we can pop them in the oven when needed. We more or less made a frittata, cut it into squares, topped with cheese, and put it on English muffins. Worked great!
    4. Omsom starters make quick meals easy, too. I used the Vietnamese Lemongrass with ground pork to make a tasty bowl yesterday with garden herbs and rice.

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