What I’m Doing With My CSA Shares: Week 14

Much of this week’s produce is going to get frozen or canned. We are eating out a lot next week and want to save this for later in the year!

  • Swiss Chard – We got a lot of chard this week! We’ll probably eat one of these this week and then freeze the other two.
  • Green Peppers – I’ll use one of these in a breakfast skillet this weekend and then dice and freeze the rest for winter.
  • Tomatoes – We are going to can these this weekend along with more from our garden.
  • Tomatillos – We are going to clean, chop, and freeze these for tomatillo albondigas soup (recipe coming soon.)
  • JalapeƱos – We’ll also chop and freeze these for the tomatillo albondigas soup.
  • Onions – I’ll use one of these tomorrow for a breakfast skillet, then put the other two in the pantry for general use.
  • Garlic – I’ll store this in the pantry with the others we’ve received and more from our own garden. They’ll last for months!
  • Watermelon – We’ll cut this up and have it for either breakfast or snacks this week.

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