Whole 30 Week 3 Recap

Another week down! Things are getting easier.

Successes this week

  • Amanda is down 9 lbs and Chuck is down 7 lbs since the beginning of February. More since the beginning of January.
  • We pushed through multiple days where we wanted to order out, but instead dug deeper and cooked at home.
  • I’m still waking up better than usual.
  • I consciously ate more this week. That was a problem for me last week.
  • We ate out multiple times this week because we were shopping for cars and negotiating with salesmen. We successfully found Whole 30 options, no matter where we were.
  • Our cravings have subsided!
  • We got creative this week with multiple meals to change up the monotony. Recipes coming soon.
  • We used leftovers effectively this week and didn’t waste anything.

Difficulties this week

  • Both of us had tough weeks at work and then we had to go car shopping over the weekend. It made cooking much more of a chore. Weeks like this are when we would have ordered pizza or sandwiches from down the street. Thankfully we pushed through, but it was tough.
  • We really miss going out to get burgers and drinks after tough days. Especially since the weather was beautiful this week and our neighborhood brewery has outdoor seating.
  • We both burned the midnight oil multiple days this week. Working late when you stopped eating at sundown is brutal. Fasting is much easier when you are sleeping through most of it.

What we ate this week

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
15 Chuck: Black coffee. Amanda: Smoothie. Chuck: Scrambled eggs, apple, pear, and almond butter. Amanda: Salmon and salad. Steak, sautéed broccolini, and roasted rainbow carrots
16 Chuck: Black coffee. Amanda: Smoothie Chuck: Bibimbap over lettuce. Amanda: Leftover steak, carrots, and broccolini Carnitas tacos in lettuce wraps
17 Chuck: Black coffee. Amanda: Smoothie. Chuck: Leftover carnitas Zucchini a la esquites with carnitas and avocado (recipe coming soon)
18 None Omelets and potatoes Chuck: Zoodles, chicken, broccoli, and carrots. Amanda: Grilled shrimp salad
19 None Brunch: Roasted sweet potatoes, bacon, and scrambled eggs (recipe coming soon) Roasted chicken, salad, tostones, and avocados at Pio Pio
20 None Scrambled eggs, carnitas, and brussels sprouts Cauliflower fried rice made with the chicken leftover from Pio Pio
21 Chuck: Black coffee. Amanda: Smoothie. Chuck: Leftover carnitas. Amanda: Leftover cauliflower rice Sous vide pork loin, roasted brussels sprouts, and roasted asparagus




I’m a little concerned about next week because I’m traveling for most of it. If you have any tips for staying compliant while traveling, please leave me a comment!


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