Cuisinart Food Processor Blade Recall

If your Cuisinart Food Processor has a blade with rivets like the one pictured above, the blades are being recalled and replaced.

I stumbled across a recall post on and decided to check mine. Sure enough, the one I use regularly and often recommend to readers of this blog is part of the recall. Model sold between July 1996 to December 2015 are subject to this recall.

You can check your model and request a replacement blade here:

I’ve had mine for about four years and my parents have had theirs for over ten. The blades haven’t broken, but I pulled mine out to take a look just in case. To my surprise, the bottom blade cracked on three of the four rivets and the fourth one looks like it has a hairline stress fracture, so it is only a matter of time before it cracks, too:


I submitted a replacement request at Make sure you check yours before you use it next!

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