What I’m Doing With My CSA Shares: Weeks 3 And 4

What I’m Doing With My CSA Shares: Weeks 3 and 4

I took photos of the last two weeks of CSA shares we received, but took my time in getting around to posting them due to some fly fishing, hiking, and an uptick in work. The wait is over. Week 3 Lettuces - We chopped up both lettuces for salads. We are doing the Whole 30 again this month, so we’ve been eating a lot of salads for lunch. Kale - We chopped up the kale and combined it with week 4’s rainbow chard and sautéed it all up with bacon,…

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The Best Way To Store Green Onions

The Best Way to Store Green Onions

Slimy green onions are gross and such a disappointment when you were expecting them to still be fresh. I've tried multiple ways to store them and this is what works the best for me: Put them in a jar/glass with a little bit of water (it shouldn't extend into the green part, keep it within the white part), cover it with a gallon-sized ziplock bag, and put it all in the fridge. This is the only way I've been able to consistently keep green onions pretty fresh for over a…

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