Old Fashioned

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There are more variations of this drink than there are grains of sugar in it, but here is my favorite:

Rye Old Fashioned

Combine the simple syrup, bitters, and rye in a rocks glass and stir. Add the ice cube and garnish with an orange peel and a homemade maraschino cherry.


  • You can get creative with the sugar source. Sugar cubes, Demerara, maple syrup, etc.
  • Try different flavors of bitters. I almost always use orange because I always have it on hand, but pick any flavor you’d like.
  • You an use pretty much any liquor. 2oz of liquor + 1 cube of sugar + bitters = an Old Fashioned. Some kinds of liquor are more suited to this combo than others, which is why we almost always use some sort of whiskey.
Rye Old Fashioned
Rye Old Fashioned

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