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We all know about the Manhattan. It is a classic cocktail. Here is my preferred version:

  • Use Rye for the whiskey. Rittenhouse Bottled-in-Bond is my go-to.
  • Use Carpano Antica for the sweet vermouth
  • Use orange bitters instead of regular aromatic bitters for a bit more flavor. I like both Regan’s and Angostura Orange (or a dash of each!)
  • I like to garnish with an orange peel instead of a brandied cherry. Try to get as little pith as possible. Try flaming the orange peel for extra flavor.

Manhattans are great to age, too. They take on the oak, smoke, vanilla, and caramel flavors quite nicely. Try either charred oak staves or small cocktail aging barrels.

If you like the Manhattan, you might also like the Midtown Manhattan.

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