Campari Crush

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During the hot days at the end of summer, my go-to liqueur is Campari, a potable bitter aperitif made from bitter herbs, aromatic plants, and fruit. It is bright red and deliciously bitter, which is much more refreshing in the hot sun than sweet, sugary drinks. I’m sharing two Campari drinks this week and three next week.

Campari Soda is one of the simplest Campari cocktails to make. Mix 2oz of Campari with soda and ice in a highball glass, then garnish with a lemon. Since its alcohol content is only 24%, once mixed with soda, it is light and easy to drink.

Campari Soda is so popular in Italy that it is sold pre-bottled in a classic bottle designed by Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero in the 1930s.

A Bar Above recommends adding 1/2oz of Cointreau to a Campari Soda to “round out the hard bitter edges.” They call this a Campari Crush. If you make this, garnish with an orange instead of a lemon to complement the orange flavor in Cointreau.

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