Brandy Alexander

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Who said that you can only enjoy cognac neat? It really adds wonderful vanilla and caramel notes to the Brandy Alexander. Shake equal parts cognac, a quality cacao liquor, and heavy cream and enjoy this rich drink by the fire. Pull out your micro grater and grate some fresh nutmeg on top before serving.

Try brandy or Armagnac in place of Cognac.

Instead of traditional creme de cacao, I like this cacao liquor from Tuthilltown. The chocolate notes in it rival high-end dark chocolate. It is slightly syrupy but easy to pour and it is good enough to drink straight. This was my favorite sample of the day. I was blown away by its flavor. Every other chocolate liqueur I’ve tried seems to be grain alcohol with chocolate favoring added in at the end (i.e. chocolate-flavored rubbing alcohol), but not this. Tuthilltown distills their Cacao Liqueur directly from Peruvian and Dominican cacao beans. It is incredible.

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