Here are the cocktail tools I use at home.

These are the tools I use when I make cocktails at home. Many links are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy through them you these links you’ll be supporting my work on this site. Thanks!

OXO Stainless Steel Jigger

I used to use shotglasses for measuring, but the paint always wore off. This metal jigger is much more durable and includes a pouring spout so I don’t make a mess. Campari stains the countertop, after all.

Yarai Mixing Glass

Most of what I prefer to drink is stirred, not shaken. I build drinks for 1-3 people in this mixing glass, stir, and strain. If you preferred shaken cocktails, get yourself a Boston shaker.

OXO Stainless Steel Strainer

This fits perfectly down in the Yarai Mixing Glass and is a great strainer on its own.

Weighted Mixing Spoon

The weight on the end is not only a counterbalance for easy stirring, but it can be used to crack ice.

Neat Ice Kit

This is hands-down the best home ice kit out there right now. Half of the block comes out perfectly clear. The kit includes the mold, a chisel, a muddler, and a Lewis bag.

Tovolo Ice Cube Trays

When I need more ice than the Neat Ice Kit can offer me, I use these Tovolo trays. They make 2×2 inch cubes.


This is a juicer that is easy to squeeze and easy to wash.

Mazama Cocktail Glasses

Mazama makes my favorite cocktail glasses. They are handmade, the glass is thick, and they are gorgeous. They come in multiple colors. I have a set of smoke and a set of limited edition Negroni-colored glasses.


I use lemon or lime peels as garnishes in most drinks I make. You’ll need a good peeler to get them off! Remember to not take too much of the white pith if you can help it.


If you drink wine, you need a nice corkscrew that matches your aesthetic. This is the one we use. It is well made and will probably last for the rest of our lives.

Charred Oak Barrel

I use this charred oak barrel for aging cocktails and spirits. I recently aged Manhattans and they were incredible.

Charred Oak Staves

If an entire barrel isn’t your thing, try using one of these charred oak staves in a glass bottle with 750ml of your favorite cocktail.

Glass Flask

When I need to transport something pre-mixed, I use these 17oz Bormioli Rocco flasks. They are sturdy and gorgeous.