Rabbit Stew From Heritage By Sean Brock

Rabbit Stew from Heritage by Sean Brock

I first heard about Sean Brock five years ago when I first watched his season of Mind of a Chef. I admire his dedication to reviving heirloom ingredients and techniques, which is probably his defining characteristic as a chef and restaurateur. I still haven't had a full meal at his flagship Husk in Charleston, only drinks and appetizers at the bar. I'll get there soon! I picked up Brock's Heritage shortly after it came out and have only cooked a few things from it because I can't reliably source most…

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Cooking The Books: Once Upon A Chef

Cooking the Books: Once Upon a Chef

This is a guest post from another Chuck, my Dad. This is his second post in the challenge. Here is the first. If you want to join the Cooking the Books challenge, see the details at the bottom of this post. The older I get it seems that my food preferences have changed. I have to admit, when I was younger my preference was burgers & pizza, meat & potatoes. I grew up with a full-blooded Hungarian mother. Every evening it was a meat, potato, salad, and bread. According to…

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Cooking The Books: The Art Of Simple Food

Cooking the Books: The Art of Simple Food

This week's selection for Cooking the Books is The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters. It is one of my favorite cookbooks and I use it all the time. Alice's simple preparations let the ingredients shine through. I've given this book out as a gift at least five times and I fully expect to give it out again. I want everyone to know about this book. Recipes Braised Duck Legs with Leeks and Green Olives Duck legs Salt Pepper Olive oil Leeks Green olives Thyme Parsley Bay leaf White…

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Cooking The Books: How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, Sister Pie, And The Hoosier Mama Book Of Pie

Cooking the Books: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Sister Pie, and The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

This is a guest post from KatieRose McEneely, a fellow culinary experimenting friend from college. She is a fantastic artist who created the paper cuts of a cow, sheep, and pig that currently hang above our couch. Thanks for joining in the challenge, KatieRose!  If you want to join the Cooking the Books challenge, see the details at the bottom of this post. 1. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark Bittman  Recipe: Caramelized Squash with vinegar Butternut squash, cubed sugar balsamic vinegar onion, minced garlic (omitted) salt and pepper rosemary, fresh…

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Cooking The Books: Baking With Steel

Cooking the Books: Baking with Steel

Below is the first guest post in the Cooking the Books Challenge series. It is from my Dad, also named Chuck Grimmett. It is from a cookbook I got for him last year, Baking with Steel. If you want to join the challenge and post, see the details at the bottom of this post. Due to the cold rainy weather last weekend, I decided to dig my Pizza Steel out and bake some bread! This marks the first time I tried making bread from the Baking with Steel cookbook. The…

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Cooking The Books: Paleo Comfort Foods

Cooking the Books: Paleo Comfort Foods

I had an idea a few weeks ago: Let's use our cookbooks more by picking one to cook a meal from each week. Here is my original Facebook post: Ground rules for the challenge: It has to be a recipe you haven't cooked before. It has to be something out of the norm for you. It can't be just another roasted squash recipe if you make roasted squash all the time. Aim for full meals: If it isn't a one-pot meal, pick an entree and a side from the same book.…

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Tips For Traveling While On A Whole30

Tips for Traveling While on a Whole30

We are now three weeks in to our 2019 Whole30. Amanda and I have been traveling a lot for work this month. It is definitely tough, so for our weeks 2 and 3 update we wanted to share some of our tips for staying Whole30 compliant while traveling. Pack Snacks. This is a big one. Pack more than you think you need. Airport food sucks even when you aren't restricting what you eat. Trying to find something without sugar, fried, or wrapped in bread is even worse. When you are…

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Whole30 Week 1: Preparation And Snacks!

Whole30 Week 1: Preparation and Snacks!

Amanda and I decided to do another Whole30 this January. We like to "reset" after eating and drinking too much over the holidays to cut some weight, feel better, have more energy, and prevent the usual winter sickness from a weakened immune system. The TL;DR of Whole30 is to only consume meat, vegetables, seeds, and fruit for 30 days. No dairy, added sugar of any kind, legumes, grains, or alcohol. This isn't our first rodeo. We knew that we both have a jam-packed work schedule, so the only way we'd…

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